Amsoil is now offering its Diesel Recovery fuel additive in gallons, as well as 5-gallon containers and drums.

The company says the fuel additive is ideal for diesel operators in cold, northern climates, as it is built to dissolve gelled fuel. It works by separating the molecular bonds of agglomerated wax crystals in diesel fuel.

In extreme temperatures, diesel fuel can become gelled and prevent fuel from reaching the engine due to clogged fuel filters, Amsoil says. Rather than acting as a preventative measure, the company's fuel additive can be added after the fuel has gelled and treat the problem that way. Amsoil Diesel Recovery breaks down the wax crystals that form and cause gelled engine components in cold temperatures.

Amsoil says the additive contains no alcohol or chemicals that interact with fuel system components, and is non-corrosive. It works well in most diesel fuels, including ultra-low sulfur diesel, off-road and biodiesel.

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