Aljex Software will start offering transportation factoring and accounts receivable services, thanks to a new partnership with Capital Associates
. The partnership involves an interface to Capital Associates through Aljex's operational and management software.

Capital Associates, Medford, Ore., provides financial and accounts receivable services to the transportation industry. Aljex provides hosted management software for freight brokers, 3PLs, and other transportation providers.

Aljex customers can outsource accounts receivable through Capital Associates, which will bill and collect from the customer while paying the broker in two days. For a premium, they will pay a broker immediately on receipt of an invoice. Capital can also provide immediate pay to the brokers' carriers in a quick-pay service that benefits brokers as well.

For a fee of as little as 1.25 percent of the invoice, Aljex customers can take advantage of this service, in addition to free credit reporting, invoice tracking, and invoice submission by regular mail, email, or fax.

Depending on their individual arrangement with Capital, Aljex users can choose whether to factor an individual bill or not. All transactions through Capital are immediately viewable in the Aljex system.

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