Daimer Industries, a vendor and overseas distributor of commercial cleaning equipment, has introduced five Super Max auto detailing pressure washers with its Super High-Temperature Optimized Technology wet steam feature to the fleet management industry

With pressure levels from 1000 to 1500 psi and flow rates from 2 GPM to 4 GPM, this line of electric pressure washers offers steam and a variety of configurations and heating fuel options.

"These motor truck and fleet maintenance machines are designed for operations that want only wet steam cleaning power," said Matthew Baratta, spokesman for Daimer.com. "These steam car systems clean tough grime, but won't harm car finishes, plastic and other delicate vehicle surfaces."

The company's Super-HOT technology, as it's called, allows the mobile car wash machines to generate temperatures of up to 330 degrees and to clean with wet steam.

The line includes an entry-level 7000SP machine, which is heated with propane and generates pressure levels up to 1000 psi and water flows of up to 2.5 GPM. The Massachusetts-based company also offers two midrange 12000 portable car wash systems models, the 12800SP and 12820SP, with pressure levels of 1000 and 1500 psi and water flows of 2 and 3 GPM, respectively.

In addition, Daimer offers two stationary auto detailing models, the 15200SP and 15500SP, with pressure levels of up to 1000 psi. The 15200SP provides water flows of up to 2 GPM, while the 15500SP produces water flows of up to 4 GPM. These models are available with multi-gun operation as an option.

More info: www.daimer.com