ALK Technologies has enhanced its PC*Miler Navigator portable navigation device with additional North American truck restrictions, enhanced digital map data, and three new models.

Powered by ALK's CoPilot, the navigation device is designed to improve safety and reduce operating costs for both drivers and fleets.

The portable device with built-in GPS antenna and speaker features a color touch-screen that displays directions simply and clearly as they are spoken. Upcoming turns are displayed so they can be quickly understood at a glance, and the driver's attention can remain focused on the road. The navigation software and map data are pre-installed.

The update features 117,000 new truck restrictions, including changes to Canadian dangerous goods restrictions. ALK has added 47,000 miles of new and updated truck-restricted roadway, 32,600 North American hazardous materials restrictions, and 12,500 new weight allowances nationwide.

The company has also rolled out three new models-the 440, 540, and 740-with progressively larger screens. The 440 features a 4.3-inch display, while the 540 has a 5-inch screen and the 740 a 7-inch display. The three come with the same capabilities and software, which are pre-loaded.

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