Occupational Sleep Apnea Solutions has introduced a new web-based software to help companies manage the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea for its employees.

According to Occupational Sleep Apnea Solutions, about 20 million American suffer from sleep apnea, which can lead to decreased productivity, higher healthcare expenses, and fatigue-related incidents. The new software can provide fleets with a way to implement and manage a sleep apnea program.

The program includes such services as employee education, demographic screening, and coordination and management of in-home testing and/or sleep laboratory diagnosis. The system also helps companies to coordinate and manage treatment of sleep apnea, follow up and monitor compliance. It also provides outcome and statistics reporting, as well as automated billing and collection services.

"I have been in the medical equipment business for over 25 years," said James Berryhill, president and CEO of OSAS. "I created OSAS after reading about a family of four who were killed in an accident involving an 18 wheeler. The father was attending to a flat tire when a semi struck their car. It was later determined, prior to impact, the driver of the truck had fell asleep at the wheel. My professional experiences led me to believe that the driver had untreated sleep apnea."

The proprietary, web-based system was created out of the need to make the coordination and tracking of treatment more efficient. The new system reduces the risk of human error, while ensuring proper testing and treatment of sleep apnea.

More info: www.osas.biz