Safety Vision has added its new SafeDrive MiniDVR mobile digital video recorder system to its on-board camera solutions line
. The SafeDrive MiniDVR records video, audio and metadata to a removable CompactFlash card included within each unit.

The system is installed directly to the windshield, and features both a forward-facing road view camera as well as a rear-facing cabin view camera.

"The SafeDrive MiniDVR is capable of simultaneously recording post-event snapshots as it transfers motion video from the internal buffer onto the CompactFlash card for video storage," said Mark Sahinen, Safety Vision's vice president of sales. "The post-event snapshots can be critical in documenting secondary impacts and what transpired after an event. Other mini DVRs shift 100 percent of their processing power to saving an event and do not have the ability to capture images after an event until the unit has completely transferred data files from the video buffer to permanent memory."

The device automatically records when a vehicle operator is speeding or driving erratically, when the driver manually presses the event save button, or when a crash occurs. The mini DVR also records and tracks GPS map coordinates, G-force data, vehicle speed, event trends, and audio that can be accessed by SafeDrive MiniDVR software. Through the software, users can playback, search, and export features. It also allows users to identify event trends and event location in Google Map views.

"The SafeDrive onboard surveillance system also has an external camera input available for the most comprehensive view," Sahinen said. "The external camera input can be a Safety Vision rear-view camera on the vehicle, or any camera that may be on the vehicle such as a dome, wedge, or zoom camera in school, transit, or law enforcement applications when a SafeDrive is integrated with other Safety Vision or competitor mobile video equipment-a functionality currently unmatched by any other windshield mini DVR."

In case there is a loss of power, the device is equipped with an internal battery backup feature. Other features include infrared illuminators for low-light recording in the vehicle cabin, optional remote contact switch for event saves via push button or contact closure switches, and four programmable sensors for metadata capture.

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