Optronics, an Oklahoma-based provider of trailer lighting, has introduced a new line of low diode count lights called Fleet Count
. This new line, which includes LED stop, turn, tail and marker, and clearance lights, is designed with smooth lenses and automotive-styled reflectors.

The line's marker and clearance lights are built with only one or two diodes, while the stop, turn and tail lights have as few as six diodes. Sealed and protected with a thick layer of epoxy, known as "potting," the design encapsulates the electronic components and contacts on the circuit board.

"Customers have been waiting for this line-a step between traditional incandescent models and more expensive LED products," said Brett Johnson, CEO of Optronics International. "It's a great offering for those who have been reluctant to try LED because of the higher cost. We now have LED options for every application, no matter how modest."

The lights are backed by the company's lifetime LED warranty.

More info: www.optronicsinc.com