Corcentric, a Virginia-based company that aims to reduce the costs associated with processing business-to-business transactions, has produced a new video that discusses the benefits of going paperless
. The free, online video covers e-invoicing and the steps a company can take to make the switch from paper to electronic invoicing.

Corcentric points to research performed by Forrester Research that shows that accounting professionals process more than one billion invoices per week, 97 percent of which is processed manually.

"We have found that many accounting professionals are under-utilized at their companies, spending the majority of their time reconciling invoices, eradicating errors, and generally chasing the invoice paper trail," said Dave Lindeen, vice president of sales at Corcentric. "By going paperless, the accounting department is placed in more of a strategic role, focusing on capturing discount opportunities and improving cash flow forecasting."

In addition, more than half of accounting professionals say that integrating e-invoicing technology with their current system is a top barrier for adopting this software, Corcentric says. Corcentric claims its system requires no installation, and that it can provide an 80 percent reduction in costs in handling every invoice.

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