InteliTrailer Inc., an advanced cargo security technology company, has developed the InteliGuard Locking System, a tamperproof security system that goes inside trailers, containers and railcars where it is virtually inaccessible.

"The extensive research and development undertaken to develop a solution to the $20-to-60-billion-dollar cargo-theft problem (U.S. Department of Transportation) was ultimately an investment in the future economic well-being of domestic and international commerce," said Ramy Louis, president and CEO of InteliTrailer.

The InteliGuard Locking System allows fleets to manage the locking and unlocking of vehicle compartments from the back office. For example, The InteliGuard Locking System OAK1 offers over-the-air keyless entry that a dispatcher can control from their desk after tracking and confirming the arrival of goods at the proper destination.

The InteliGuard Locking System has stealth and tamperproof features, as it's installed inside trailers, containers and railcars. Housed in a bulletproof, steel enclosure, the system can be customized to fit any size or type of door, including rear or side doors, standard swing vertical or roll-up.

The locking systems is also available with technologies such as GPS tracking worldwide, awareness of unit security status, temperature monitoring and damage intelligence. According to the company, the InteliGuard system can protect shipments worth at least $250,000 up to millions per load.

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