Sinclair Oil Lubricants is launching the Sinclair Fluid Analysis Program through a partnership with Polaris Laboratories, which will provide the complete fluid testing and analysis for the new program.

The program will help users identify dirt, wear particles and other contaminants in oils, diesel fuel, coolants, and water-based fluids, that can cause failure or shorten equipment life.

"A high quality fluid analysis program is one additional way we can offer our lubricant customers solutions that will benefit their businesses," said Greg Iverson, Sinclair Oil Lubricant marketing manager. "Polaris provides the technical strength Sinclair customers need to maximize equipment life and effectively manage efficiency."

"This new partnership will give Sinclair Oil customers a solutions-based approach to maintenance backed by a high quality testing laboratory," said Brett Minges, Polaris vice president of sales.

Through the partnership, Sinclair Oil customers can view test results and laboratory maintenance recommendations using Horizon, Polaris' free online reporting application.

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