Phillips Industries has rolled out its Permalogic Selector System, a device for maximizing liftgate power.
The Permalogic Selector System works to recharge batteries quickly, so liftgates don't stop operating in between deliveries.

The system is integrated into a sealed junction box at the nose of the trailer. Meanwhile, a dual pole socket pulls power directly from the truck batteries along with a direct connection from the reefer batteries. The system directs the charge to a DC to DC converter, which boosts the voltage to 14.4 volts. This process charges the battery faster.

The system also works on a reefer trailer by drawing power from the running reefer unit every time it cycles on. The liftgate batteries then get a recharge to ensure their operation for the next time.

Customers can access the system in parts or as a kit, which includes the Permalogic Selector Nose Box with a dual pole socket, a Trailcharger, a Reefer Harness, and an installation manual.

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