EBE Technologies has introduced Carrier CSI, a carrier qualification and safety solution.
The new service integrates workflows, creates contracts and interfaces with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other safety and financial websites to streamline the process of managing paperwork.

To use the service, carriers complete a qualification web form on the EBE's website, and EBE gathers qualification data by interfacing. The system then determines an overall carrier qualification score from data such as lanes serviced, equipment type, safety and financial scores.

For those carriers that are positively ranked, CSI creates a carrier contract and automatically enters static data, such as carrier name, address, and contact information. The system also creates and pre-populates carrier packets and associated paperwork. The paperwork is identified using barcodes, which provide an automatic index function. Those carriers that do not qualify are automatically sent a rejection letter via fax or e-mail.

"Carrier CSI was developed to fill a void for logistics companies and carriers providing logistics services," said Larry Kerr, president, EBE Technologies. "Its ability to create, monitor, retrieve, analyze and take action on relevant carrier information offers logistics providers an extra layer of confidence when on-boarding and managing carriers. Carrier CSI's ability to manage both data and documents allows companies to spend more time dispatching loads and less time shuffling papers and analyzing data."

Because Carrier CSI is integrated to most logistics and carrier dispatch systems, it can pass on the carrier packet to these systems, without the need for rekeying data.

More info: www.ebe-inc.com