REM Medical Corp. has teamed up with U.S. HealthWorks to provide sleep apnea services to the transportation industry.

The two will offer comprehensive sleep apnea screening, diagnostic, physician evaluation, treatment and compliance follow-up for all drivers that have the sleep apnea coverage through their employers. The service will be provided through U.S. HealthWorks' network of 123 medical centers around the country.

"Sleep apnea is a growing concern among regulators and employers," said Dr. Andrew Parker, senior vice president of northwest regional operations for U.S. HealthWorks. "By providing additional sleep apnea screening services, we can ensure prompt care to get drivers safely back on the road within days. For employers, this is a cost-effective and feasible strategy to address the growing cost and dangers of drivers who are drowsy due to sleep apnea."

"By providing easy access to care, we can be less disruptive to the drivers and employers and more responsive to their need for cost-effective diagnosis and treatment," said Russell Benaroya, CEO of REM Medical.

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