Firestone Industrial Products has released air accessory systems, Digital Air Command I and II
, designed to serve as an instant air source for all Firestone air helper spring kits.

Using Digital Air Command I and II, users can adjust air pressure by pushing a button inside the vehicle. The units can be mounted on any flat surface inside the cab.

"Our new Digital Air Command I has two buttons to control air pressure, while Digital Air Command II features four buttons to give drivers the ability to adjust a single pair of air springs left and right, or adjust two pairs of springs - front and rear - equally," said Todd Green, regional sales manager of Firestone Industrial Products' Ride-Rite division. "An additional benefit of our electronically controlled gauge is that there is no tubing to run inside the vehicle."

The Digital Air Command I system levels two rear air spring equally side-to-side, while the Digital Air Command II levels both side-to-side and front-to-rear. The systems include a digital gauge, standard duty air compressor, valve block and necessary tubing and fittings.

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