Continental Tire North America is shipping out the new version of its heavy truck steer tires, the HSU2, with increased tread life.

The HSU2 (Heavy Steer Urban), manufactured in the Mt. Vernon, Ill., plant, features a wider 26/32 inch deep rib design. Replacing the previous HSU model, the HSU2 has 17 percent more wear volume, increasing the number of miles to removal.

The tread compound is designed to resist cuts and tears for both high scrub as well as on/off road applications. Continental says the tire is ideal for waster haulers, construction and other on/off highway service.

The model is also equipped with a stone ejection system, which actively ejects rocks and debris from the grooves. The design's sidewall curb rib prevents damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions, a feature of the HSU model.

The HSU2 also features the Visual Alignment Indicator, which alerts users to vehicle alignment problems. The new model has a carrying capacity of 10,000 pounds at 65 miles per hour and comes in the 315/80R22.5 size.

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