Haldex introduced rivet-less front and rear covers for the S-ABA Style Automatic Brake Adjusters.

The existing front and rear covers which have a retaining rivet will be replaced by the new rivet-less front and rear covers which will be retained by an adhesive compound. The rear cover will have a unique grease relieve creating a designed path for grease flow.
This improvement offers a unique grease relief creating a designed path for grease flow, enhanced sealing and improved tamper resistance.

The Haldex S-ABA has a unique design that revolutionizes correct fit with easy installation, improved performance, extended service life and streamlined inventories.
• Establishes its own reference point
• Functions properly with the control arm setting itself at any angle within the total range of permissible control arm positions allowed
• Provides the proper lining-to-drum clearance regardless of the control arm installation angle, which means that it maintains a constant and uniform distance between the brake and drum lining
• Solves adjustment problems caused by incorrect installation
• Improves performance with a more sensitive adjustment rate
• Lowers the risk of over-adjustment during prolonged braking
• Helps prevent brake wear, reducing operating and downtime costs
• Streamlines inventories and lowers handling and storage costs by effectively replacing several other fixed control arm brake adjusters

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