New Temper-Loc premium axle spindle nuts are easier to use than other nuts on the market, according to the manufacturer.

"Our retainer rings can be removed and inserted by hand using fingertip tabs (no tools needed for prying), and have been engineered to insert one way- the correct way!" says Ray Piascik, manager of business development for Temper Companies, Fonda, N.Y. "Temper-Loc nuts are more cost effective than other premium nuts and jam nuts," he says.

The nuts feature fine incremental adjustments (0.001 inch per tooth); hardened wear-resistant back-face; hardened threads on front axle sizes; positive locking hardened shaft key; Easy-View notched retainer tabs; and bright yellow retainers that are easy to see.

The nuts work with Doctor Preload tool tool for seating and preloading the tapered roller bearings on wheel ends.

In addition to establishing and holding Society for Automotive Engineering (SAE) recommended preloads on the bearings, Doctor Preload increases consistency from job to job and mechanic to mechanic while cutting the time to do the job. This translates to better quality wheel ends, longer wheel bearing and seal life, and lower overall operating costs.

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