The American Trucking Associations' Technology and Maintenance Council now offers a pocket guide, "Tire and Wheel Maintenance Basics for Drivers."

At 36 pages and in full color, this pocket guide is full of essential tips:

- Pre and post-trip inspection guidelines
- Why tire inflation is important
- The effects of speed, load and improper inflation
- When tires should be rotated
- How to select a tire and wheel service provider
- The benefits of retreads
- What to look for in a quality repair
- How to use tire chains
- Why wheel lug nut torque is important
- How to clean, polish and refinish wheels
- The consequences of mismatched duals
- What is total vehicle alignment

It also features pictures that illustrate the difference between hub-piloted and stud-piloted wheel fastener systems.

Also included is a tread wear and depth 'Go' or 'No-Go' gauge for measuring sidewall bulge height, maximum nail hole repair size and repairable area in tire crown.