Aljex Software has integrated with SaferWatch to facilitate the verification of carrier safety histories.
Integration enables Aljex customers who also subscribe to SaferWatch to quickly and easily verify carrier records from their Aljex desktop screens.

Aljex Software offers hosted management software for freight brokers, 3PLs, and other transportation providers.

SaferWatch collects data from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, data that is spread across multiple agency websites and is difficult and time-consuming to access. SaferWatch brings it all together and monitors changes in the records of any carriers on a watch list. Customers can import a list and add new carriers at any time. SaferWatch will send a daily alert email with any changes to these carriers.

SaferWatch integration saves time for Aljex customers who can add a new carrier to the system by simply entering the carrier's USDOT motor carrier identification number. SaferWatch then fills in all the carrier information automatically -- name, address, phone, fax, safety rating, insurance limits, and more.

SaferWatch is offered by the Grizella Corp. based in Hebron, N.D., provider of PostEverywhere, the load and truck posting service for freight shippers, intermediaries, and carriers. PostEverywhere is also integrated with Aljex.

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