Aljex Software announced a partnership with uFollowit, a low-cost freight tracking and proof-of-delivery service for the transportation industry.

UFollowit delivers load location and status information through driver cell phones - a reliable, competitively priced alternative to virtually all other freight tracking systems. The uFollowit service works whether a driver's phone is GPS capable or not. Updates and voice print proof-of-delivery are provided through speed-dialed calls.

Aljex Software provides hosted management software for freight brokers, 3PLs and other transportation providers.

Integration enables Aljex users to see uFollowit load updates on their application screens. If they use TIN (Transportation Intermediary Network), Aljex's map-based application, they can also see the latest uFollowit updates displayed on their working map.

According to Robert Wickman, marketing director for uFollowit, a number of major corporations now require freight tracking as part of their RFQs (Request for Quotes). Since no hardware investment is required, uFollowit is finding rapid acceptance among 3PLs, freight brokers and owner-operators, according to the company. It is also being used by large company fleets that have onboard computers and mobile communications hardware in some, but not all of their trucks. Using uFollowit, drivers can update location and status by cell phone.

Launched in 2007, uFollowit works as a stand-alone freight tracking and proof-of-delivery solution or as a complement to any existing tracking service.

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