Mahle Clevite announces the release of new pistons and gaskets to support the complete engine kit program for 3406E.

Mahle Clevite has expanded the coverage for the 3406E Caterpillar engine which includes four (4) new forged steel crowns and two (2) skirts to accompany these crowns.

The patented Mahle Ferrotherm piston design, which uses forged steel crowns and a separate aluminum skirt, is employed in these new pistons. This innovative design serves to increase the piston crown durability resulting in a longer engine life. Clevite pistons from Mahle are the only forged steel crown available in the Aftermarket for this application, according to the company.

Clevite heavy-duty engine parts have been packaged to specifically meet the needs of the engine rebuilder; they can be sourced in complete cylinder kits, separate piston crowns, pistons with skirt and pin or individual skirts.

In support of the extensive Mahle Clevite engine kit program, 30 new gasket sets have been added; including head sets, lower sets, front and rear structures and injector o-ring kits. The addition of these gaskets increases the coverage for this model of engine. New engine kits can be viewed at These new kits can be found by using the new serial number and arrangement number search features.

A "Great Parts for Great Engines" brochure (MC-4-209A) is available in PDF format at This brochure includes specific part numbers and OE reference information.