FleetMentor, the online toolbox and fleet management advisor by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., has completed a series of five enhancements to the service
that now provides subscribers an easier way to manage driver qualification (DQ) files within the service.

Over the past several months, the service has enhanced its Employees & Drivers feature to provide subscribers with increased functionality and flexibility. These enhancements have included the addition of DQ tracking fields, new and updated reporting, and the ability to define custom alerts based on individual needs. The most recent and significant update to the service allows subscribers to upload supporting documents for their DQ files such as employment applications, motor vehicle records, medical documentation, photos, training certificates, and driver credentials.

Rustin Keller, corporate Internet products manager, said, "FleetMentor now provides subscribers with a cost-efficient means to manage complete and comprehensives DQ files in addition to all of the other tools and resources available on the service. In a time when businesses are being forced to do more with less, J. J. Keller and FleetMentor once again offer transport professionals with a cost-effective and robust solution to meet the challenges facing them every day."

In addition to managing driver qualification files, FleetMentor provides a library of over 500 topics and 30 interactive tools to help transport professionals make more informed decisions, stay in compliance, reduce expenses, and improve driver retention. To view more information about FleetMentor or register for a free 30-day, no obligation trial, visit www.fleetmentordemo.com.