PeopleNet's new tethered trailer tracking system reduces detention time and eliminates delivery errors.

"Razor-thin margins make delivery errors downright unforgivable," explains CEO Ron Konezny. "Our Trailer ID system lets the back office monitor tractor/trailer hook-ups, drops and locations of hooks and drops in real-time, so fleet managers know precisely where their equipment is. The results: better trailer utilization, decreased operating costs, and assurance that the right tractors are hauling the right trailers."

Konezny says this technology brings the trucking industry one step closer to wireless fleet management for more efficient end-to-end supply chain management with better driver productivity, easier management of safety, security and compliance, and lower operating costs.

The company also says the new tethered trailer tracking system is more cost-effective than untethered (wireless) systems because there is no recurring monthly fee and significantly lower hardware costs.

PeopleNet's Wi-VAN Gateway enables communication with the trailer, trailer components and tractor components, and the Trailer Tracking Module communicates specific details about the trailer.

Keeping the tractor and trailer connected to the back office provides visibility into active and inactive trailers - which trailers are hooked to which tractors, when they were hooked or dropped, and the location of the last hook or drop. In the future, the Wi-VAN platform will enable collection and integration of more comprehensive data, including tire pressure and reefer monitoring and more.

The total information loop occurs in seconds, with the Trailer ID software, sending trailer and location information to the Wi-VAN Gateway (mounted inside the tractor), which relays the information to the g3 (PeopleNet's onboard computer). The g3 sends the information to the PeopleNet Network Operating Center, where it is stored. Customers can access a series of reports including Hooked Tractor, Trailer Locations, Alerts and Trailer History. Fleets can also retrieve data for integration into their back office systems.

The PeopleNet Trailer ID Kit includes the Trailer ID Module, Trailer ID Installation Kit, and the Wi-VAN Gateway.

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