Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake has released the 2009 supplement to the Formula Blue master catalog, including model year coverage up to 2009 for the all-makes product line of replacement hydraulic brake parts for medium-duty and commercial light-duty vehicles.

Formula Blue offers a full line of quality hydraulic brake parts for a broad range of domestic and import makes in commercial vehicle applications. The supplement provides updated parts information for more than 150 vehicle applications, more than 100 new part numbers, and a complete illustrated parts guide with more than 80 new pages of key parts identification information. This resource provides a quick reference and allows users to easily identify quality Formula Blue replacement parts on even the latest model year vehicles.

Product coverage includes new, premium brake calipers and rotors, as well as complete lines of brake pads and shoes, brake hardware, drums, master cylinders, and clutch hydraulics.

A "smart part number" system makes it easier and faster for counter personnel to discern the correct part and the type of vehicle it fits. For a typical eight-character part number, the first three digits uniformly refer to the product group, the next two to the vehicle make, and the final three to the part number, making this a more user-friendly resource.

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