Responding to the increasing demands for idle-reduction options, Bergstrom and Kohler Power Systems joined forces to offer the trucking market a true hybrid power system combining the Bergstrom NITE Plus System with a Kohler DC power unit.

"This truly offers fleets and owner-operators who live on the road, the best of both worlds - a combination of battery power and APU functionality," said Bill Gordon, director of global marketing and national director-aftermarket for Bergstrom.

The hybrid power system provides stable power to the truck, allowing the driver to efficiently run the HVAC system, without having to idle. When the power levels of the four deepcycle AGM batteries decrease to low voltage levels, the low-battery indicator is triggered and the KOHLER DC power unit begins to recharge the batteries - all the while keeping the Bergstrom NITE Plus System operating uninterrupted. Should the truck's batteries also be depleted, the Kohler DC power unit is able to recharge them, with the use of the specified bi-directional separator, and at no risk of overcharging either bank of batteries.

When the system is in the air-conditioning mode, no fuel is used, as the truck operates solely on the Bergstrom NITE Plus system. In heating mode, 0.05 gallons per hour are consumed, while .10 gph is used when the hybrid power system is in recharge mode.

Stacy Peshkopia, Marketing Manager for Kohler Power Systems, said the two companies kept the "ideal idle-reduction product" in mind, making sure the hybrid power system runs quietly and requires minimal maintenance. For the DC power unit, Kohler provides a custom sound-attenuated enclosure that keeps the frame-rail mounted power unit operating at 68 dBA in recharge mode. When the full system is in heating or air-conditioning mode, the sound level doesn't exceed 50 dBA. Because the Bergstrom NITE Plus system will be used primarily to provide climate control and power to the cab, the DC power unit will be used significantly less than a stand-alone APU, which means longer service and maintenance intervals for the power unit.

The hybrid power system from Bergstrom and Kohler is certified to the EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations. The hybrid power system is also CARB compliant, except for the minimal time when the system is in recharge mode.

The new system will be available this summer, from both Bergstrom and Kohler Power Systems distributors and dealers.

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