The JPro Fleet Products division of Noregon Systems announced a new family of heavy-duty vehicle-to-PC communication adapters.

Noregon, the leading supplier of vehicle adapters in North America, introduced their new adapter line-up as the DLA+, DLA+ PLC, and DLA+ Wireless. These adapters have been developed with input from leading fleets and our extensive knowledge from over a decade of providing heavy-duty vehicle adapters to the industry.

"We are very excited about our new family of adapters and what they will mean to the end users in the heavy-duty industry in terms of ease of use and the compatibility with OEM and aftermarket software" said Michael Kinney, Noregon's director of sales & marketing. "Fleets are demanding newer technologies that require support of new vehicle protocols and wireless connectivity options and Noregon has met these needs with the introduction of our new adapter family."

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