Hotsy recently introduced its high-pressure pump with NESTechnology.
. Hotsy high-pressure pumps are used in industrial-grade pressure washers distributed throughout North America.

NESTechnology is Nested Seal Technology, where the pump actually nests the seals of the pump's high-pressure packing assembly in place, supporting the side walls, and resulting in increased seal life.

The technology of the nesting assembly includes new high and low-pressure U-shaped seals surrounded by thicker brass pressure rings. This provides better wall support while withstanding higher water temperatures.

Other features of the Hotsy high-pressure pump include:
• Extended time between seal replacement.
• Teflon bronze rings support the U-Seal to prevent premature wear and loss of pressure.
• The low-pressure U-Seal has a unique double lip to provide for greater suction and less chance of water leakage.
• The nesting assembly is stronger and holds up better to spikes in water pressure, which occur when the pressure washer's gun is triggered.

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