PHH Arval, Sparks, Md., launched 360º risk and safety programs that encompass all aspects of driver safety: identifying high risky drivers, training them to reduce the likelihood of a crash, and managing the accidents that do happen.

PHH Arval's driver safety services can be customized to the specific needs of each client, and PHH provides personalized consulting to determine the most effective program or combination of programs. Working with a select group of best-in-class driver safety partners, PHH delivers online, behind-the-wheel and simulator driver training, as well as vehicle monitoring and awards programs. These are offered in addition to or separately from the PHH Collision Prevention program, which is the company's safety program focused on creating and enhancing a culture of driver safety.

Safety programs include:
• Motor vehicle record checks, defense against accidents and negligent hiring and negligent entrustment.
• Culture Development, a web-based program consisting of a safe driving pledge and customized risk foundation.
• Internet-based driver safety training programs, which include a multi-module defensive driving awareness driver training program; an "on-road" behavior reinforcement program for various driving conditions; and content-specific risk interventions that include targeted training and knowledge tests on specific topics.
• Behind the wheel driver monitoring and skill-based training for car, truck or van drivers, featuring live instructors. Skid car training, mobile classroom, and simulator training are also available.
• Driver monitoring service ("1-800 How's My Driving?") that provides a toll-free number and vehicle decals that enable third parties to call and report unsafe driving.
• PHH vehicle safety kits to keep drivers safer if they encounter problems on the road.
• PHH Accident Reporting Kits that provide everything a driver needs to efficiently report an accident.
• Driver Safety Online Awards Program, designed to reward drivers for safe driving performance, is linked to the client's intranet site and features customized content for each client.

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