General Electric is expanding its telematics solution to Canada, which gives companies with fleets of vehicles the line of sight into how their assets are performing in real time.

The telematics solution provides Web-based access to vehicle asset performance metrics including CO2 emissions as well as related alerts, trend charts, exception reports, and customizable mapping. The integrated allows customers to see in real time where their assets are as well as offering strategies for improving performance and puts them on their way to greening their fleet operations.

Augmented with additional current fleet data, actionable recommendations provided by telematics consultants enable operational improvement in a fleet's performance and cost management. Customers have realized improvements in worker productivity, expanded business capacity, fuel consumption, carbon emissions, accident rates, and overtime costs.

Businesses using telematics are better able to meet their customer service level agreements. This strengthens customer loyalty and drives more revenue.

GE's telematics solution is available for a flat monthly subscription fee. Customers pay for the product as they realize the benefit. As a result, they quickly realize an ROI--which can be anywhere from 2X to 8X-- which can increase over time.

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