Navistar will have an International 15-liter engine platform for 2010, it revealed in its Jan. 5 analysts conference call.

Navistar's presentation included a picture of the International 15-liter engine platform for 2010. An all-EGR solution, the engine is a privately labeled Caterpillar C-15, series turbocharged, 15-liter diesel wearing International and MaxxForce-15 branding.

No information has been shared to this point, but the engine will be the subject of an announcement at the March Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.

The 15-liter is an outcome of the close relationship existing between Caterpillar and International that was introduced as Cat announced its withdrawal from the truck engine business last year. The engine will be part of the all-EGR solution that Navistar International has declared it will use to meet the upcoming emissions mandate for 2010.

Navistar has said that it will be shooting for the 0.5 g/hp-hr allowance from EPA permitted under the banking and trading of emissions credits from International's smaller diesel engines that are under current NOx limits mandated in 2007. Initially, these were to be traded against higher emissions for the 11- and 13-liter MaxxForce engines derived from MAN diesels from Germany. However, given Cat's position on 2010 limits, it is likely the 15-liter will be brought in under the same umbrella, with a target date of 2012 to come into the full 0.2 g/hp-hr NOx compliance.

Under this new scenario, Navistar has a 15-liter engine to power its heavy-duty products, most significantly the ProStar and the flagship LoneStar. Cummins is currently available in those models with the ISX, and Navistar is understood to be keen to continue offering the Cummins option, but only if it can be installed in a non-SCR, all-EGR configuration. Cummins has not commented on this recent development.