Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab, Las Vegas, a nationwide network of retail health clinics, recently launched Body Fuel for the nutritional needs of over-the-road drivers.

Driver Body Fuel is a backpack filled with 30 days of nutritional meal replacement protein shakes, daily supply packs of vitamins and supplements containing fish oil gel tablet, multi vitamin and Q-10 tablet, B-12 energy drops, a shaker to mix their drink and nutritional snack bars to help keep the driver on the road to better health. The products are manufactured by Douglas Laboratories, manufacturer and seller of nutraceutical products to healthcare practitioners worldwide.

"After testing and screening over 2,000 drivers, Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab developed a nutritional product offering to address the critical health issues of today's professional drivers," says Bob Perry, president for Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab and vice chair for the American Transportation Association Wellness Council.

The Driver Body Fuel kit is available at Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab located at Pilot Travel Centers in Knoxville, Tenn., Cartersville, Ga., and West Memphis, Ark. The kit can also be ordered over the phone and shipped for an additional charge.

The kit includes a free health check every 30 days and a shopping list to compliment other meals. Corporate pricing is available for companies looking to enhance the health and wellness of their drivers.

Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab launched a nationwide network of retail health clinics designed to meet the demand of America's 3.4 million over-the-road drivers. Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab clinics meet the needs of the trucker while driving down healthcare costs for the entire industry through Convenient Care Medical Services, Lifestyle and Wellness Programs, and DOT Testing.

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