Paccar Parts introduced the AcraFit anti-siphon device to help heavy-duty truck operators and truck fleets avoid having their profits siphoned off by fuel thieves.

The aftermarket device is installed in the neck of the fuel tank. Its one-piece construction, with openings no larger than a quarter inch, keeps thieves from reaching the diesel fuel with large-diameter siphon tubes.

The AcraFit line includes various sizes to fit all major OEM fuel tank applications and comes with a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty.

"As diesel fuel prices reached an all-time high, many truck operators and fleets saw days, even weeks worth of their hard-earned money evaporate in as little as a few hours," said Jeff Sass, general marketing manager for Paccar Parts. "Five gallons of diesel fuel can be siphoned from a fuel tank in just 90 seconds. That makes large trucks, which can carry up to 300 gallons of diesel fuel, lucrative targets."

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