CK Commercial Vehicle Research, Columbus, Ohio, released its 30-page 2008 End User Report, which includes data collected during the fourth quarter from 73 for-hire, private and government fleet decision makers.

Participants in the research study answered questions about their vehicles; maintenance practices, including where maintenance is performed; replacement part buying decisions; demands for new technology; 2009 plans and supplier requirements. The report analysis contains many verbatim quotes useful in fully understanding the end user's position on issues affecting their suppliers. Information included in the report will be valuable to any component or equipment supplier, distributor or manufacturer interested in satisfying the needs of the end user in the heavy-duty transportation industry.

CK Commercial Vehicle Research routinely surveys fleet representatives and publishes the Fleet Sentiment Report. This quarterly report examines current fleet equipment buying plans as well as discussion of important issues facing operators of medium and heavy duty transportation equipment.

CKCVR surveys fleet advisors representing a mix of large, medium and small for-hire, private and government fleet operations.

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