Penske Truck Leasing recently expanded its relationship with Enhanced Vehicle Applications to offer a wider selection of their products for onboard commercial truck tracking technology.

EVA currently offers GPS real-time tracking and GPS fleet tracking solutions through its CyntrX product line, a Web-based GPS tracking system that allows customers the ability to monitor their fleet tracking needs throughout North America and to generate custom profiles and reports with no software loading requirements. Penske will offer its customers two CyntrX units and add additional models as they become available. Penske previously marketed CyntrX under the name FleetInSite. These units will now be marketed by Penske as a part of its wider Fleet I.Q. brand offering.

The Fleet I.Q. brand will become a portfolio of services and solutions at various price points that will include onboard technology solutions from a variety of value-added suppliers. Penske will also provide a financing option and in-house consulting to help its customers analyze and get the most from the data captured by these on-board fleet technology systems.

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