Michelin added its patented Antisplash deflector on both sidewalls of its XZA3 tire, which helps to lower the trajectory of water spraying from the tires. This improves visibility in heavy rain
for oncoming and overtaking motorists, as well as for truck drivers.

While offering enhanced visibility, the XZA3 Antisplash tire builds upon the performance benefits of the XZA3 all-position tire. Advanced technology compounding with 19/32 tread depth helps reduce the tire's rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency. With an 80 percent wider shoulder rib than the XZA2 Antisplash tire, the new tire offers enhanced resistance to uneven shoulder wear.

The directional miniature sipes in the groove walls help defend against the onset of irregular wear and contribute to long original tread life. The casing's durability and endurance allow for multiple retreads when the tire is properly cared for.

The tire is available in the 275/80R22.5 LRH size.

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