Peterbilt has made crew cab conversion options available for customers wanting more cab space and a four-door crew cab for medium-duty Models 325, 330, 335 and 340.

The conversion options extend the BBC length to 157 inches, and use a one-piece fiberglass roof extension to increase interior height up to 61-inches. The crew cab conversion options also increase the driver's interior cab space by adding 52 inches to the length of the cab, a total of 84 inches wide at the rear.

Additional crew cab options include an extended horizontal exhaust pipe, separate heater or heater/air conditioner, exterior access steps, carpet and custom trim packages, as well as DuPont Imron Elite base/clear paint.

Peterbilt crew cab conversion is done in partnership with three separate suppliers - Bentz Transport Products, Schwable Trucks and Weldon Manufacturing - to provide all the necessary components to convert a medium-duty two-door day cab into a four-door crew cab.

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