CGM Security Solutions introduced the Sleep Secure Strap System, a patent pending product that secures the doors of over the road trucks and RVs from intruders.

The Sleep Secure Strap is a simple mechanical means by which drivers can quickly and safely lock their tractors or cabs when they are inside by using the vehicle's own structure as the means by which the device seals out intruders.

The device works by imbedding two steel brackets between the windows and the frames on both doors. It is installed by lowering each window a few inches, inserting the 'L" bracket into the truck's own door frame and reclosing the windows to lock the bracket into the door channel above the window.

It uses simple physics to bind one door to another with equal stress on the seat-belt-quality nylon reinforced straps, preventing either door from being opened, with or without a key. The Sleep Secure Strap features a quick release clip in case of the need for an emergency or hasty exit. It is affixed high in the cab so that it does not encumber any movement from the sleeper to the drivers' seat.

The locking bracket does not stress the windows nor bend the frame, according to the manufacturer. It may not permit the window to fully extend into the track, but the gap will be less than 1/64th of an inch if there is one.

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