ALK Technologies has partnered with Transplant GPS and RightWay branded GPS products to offer new RightWay 200 and 400 GPS Navigator solutions.

Powered by ALK's CoPilot Live satellite navigation software, RightWay GPS Navigators are all-in-one portable GPS navigation devices that include a movie player, a photo viewer, a music player and an e-book reader in addition to CoPilot Live navigation software.

CoPilot Live features predictive text data entry, voice prompts and full text-to-speech capabilities. Various map views include 2D, 3D, and driver safety. Users will be able to select their route preferences and will be able to avoid certain routes if needed. CoPilot Live software features 1 million points-of-interest and a gas calculator to find the most efficient route for a long trip.

Additional features include:

• 3.5- inch (RightWay 200) or 4.3-inch (RightWay 400) color touch screen
• Full spoken street names using advanced text-to-speech technology
• Street name turn-by-turn directions and voice guided prompts
• 1 million searchable points of interest
• Built-in tips and tutorials
• Over 6 million miles of roadway including major highways, principal through roads and residential streets throughout the United States

A GPS mounting system, car charger, user manual, and quick start guide are all included with the solution.

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