StarTrak Systems introduced the ReeferTrak RT6000 wireless monitoring and control system with dual mode communications.

The unit combines the high data rates and low communications charges of cellular with complete coverage of a satellite network at a cost effective price point. It is available for all Carrier Transicold and Thermo King transport refrigeration unit model.

Standard capabilities of the RT6000 include:

• High-bandwidth cellular coupled with ubiquitous satellite network communications
• Aggressive price point
• Tracking using a GPS Accuracy Enhancement Protocol that allows for accuracy to the dock door
• Refrigeration unit monitoring of all alarms, operational status and battery condition
• Two-way remote configuration of single and multi-temperature multi-zone trailers, including Override Power Control (patented), allowing the reefer to be turned on and off remotely, and pre-cooling automatic scheduling capability
• Over-the-air programming, eliminating the need for downtime to upgrade applications
• Tractor Identification & Tractor Connection States (patent pending)
• Trip status updates, including Moving/Stationary; Loaded/Empty, and Pre-Cooling Notification
• Fuel monitoring capability that detects fuel use, rapid fuel loss, refuel events, and tracking for accurate assessorial fuel usage
• ReeferFence, an onboard geofence capability, allows users to create and remotely load 15,000 geofence points and track and manage assessorials and trailer dwell times

RT6000 satellite, cellular and dual mode system use common brackets and harnesses in a single unit design. Users of existing StarTrak Sentry and Commander systems can also install RT6000 units in existing hardware.

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