E-Z Pack Manufacturing, Cynthiana, Ky., is offering its advanced Gladiator Pack-Eject cylinders as replacement parts to fit other brands of refuse bodies.
The Gladiator cylinder will be available in December for Heil, McNeilus, Wittke, and Wayne bodies that require a telescopic pack-eject cylinder.

The Gladiator uses an advanced scraper design that cleans the cylinder rods of debris and contaminants that are prevalent in the refuse environment. The Gladiator scraper is made of stainless steel and is spring-loaded to allow it to float on the cylinder rod, ensuring positive contact with less friction.

The Gladiator also features a hydraulic flow that controls the proper sequencing of each stage, preventing the common fault of "mis-staging" in telescopic cylinders. Because refuse body telescopics usually function in pairs, if they do not sequence their stages in unison, the result can cause damage to other internal components.

The Gladiator has internal components (sleeves and rods) that are nitrocarburized, producing a surface that will outlast typical chromium plated components. Pistons and rods are intertia welded for superior strength, and bronze bearing surfaces are used for high strength with less friction.

More info: www.ezpacktrucks.com