Peterbilt began fullproduction of its new Front Air Leaf Suspension and made it available for customer order on Peterbilt Models 384, 386, 388 and 389.

The Front Air Leaf Suspension has a lower spring rate for better isolation of road inputs and a 20 percent improvement in ride, while at the same time, maintaining the roll stiffness and handling performance of a taper leaf suspension. Additionally, the front air leaf uses four air springs to support up to 75 percent of the spring load. The front spring design has a wide, flat, lower leaf for good lateral stiffness and control and a stout upper leaf for improved roll stability and handling.

Additional Peterbilt Front Air Leaf Suspension features include:
• Lightweight components for in a reduction of 26 pounds compared to taper leaf suspensions;
• Ride height compatible with Low Air Leaf and FlexAir rear suspensions;
• Suspension weight capacity ratings from 12,000 to 13,200 pounds;
• Compatible with air disc or drum brakes;
• Field testing with over 4 million miles of real world conditions in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

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