In Motion Technology's new next-generation onBoard Mobility Manager is a scalable management platform that allows organizations to coordinate, track and troubleshoot vehicles, devices, and mobile networks remotely and in real time.

The onBoard Mobility Manager continuously collects and analyzes information from vehicles equipped with In Motion's onBoard Mobile Gateway. The platform provides headquarters staff with a virtual dashboard of information from the field and sends alerts based on pre-set thresholds. The Mobility Manager works with standard Web browsers and displays detailed information about vehicles, networks and devices on a three-dimensional map.

The enhanced onBoard Mobility Manager includes the following new management modules:

* onBoard Total Reach allows IT staff to remotely and securely "reach through" and administer communications devices connected to onBoard Mobile Gateways without taking vehicles or personnel off the road.

* onBoard Telemetry provides headquarters staff with real-time information from the field about vehicle operations. It enables fleet managers to monitor and receive alerts triggered by pre-set thresholds for gas mileage, operating hours, engine temperature, fuel and coolant levels, idle times, speed and other functions. It enables organizations to effectively schedule maintenance, reduce breakdowns and save money by monitoring and improving vehicle and driver efficiency.

* onBoard Tracker enables organizations to track the position, direction and speed of fleet vehicles in real time. Headquarters staff can zoom in on road or bird's eye views, and obtain detailed information about access routes, incident scenes and structures.

* Coverage and Performance Reports provide a detailed analysis of historical data that empowers organizations to efficiently budget and deploy resources. Wireless coverage reports allow organizations to isolate dead cells and identify the cellular provider with the best coverage. Reports on route and dispatch data can help identify trends and preposition vehicles to achieve the fastest response times and most efficient operations.

"In today's fast-paced world, people and organizations are constantly on the move. They need access to instantaneous information, and communications tools that are reliable, cost effective and easy to use," said In Motion Technology CEO Kirk Moir. "The Mobility Manager gives organizations the real-time knowledge they need to manage their fleets as extensions of their business, and operate at peak efficiency."

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