Tire Sentry, Westlake Village, Calif., introduced models TMS-6RC-TL and TMS-8RC-TL low power wireless tire pressure monitoring systems.

These systems will monitor for a loss of tire pressure or a low tire condition on both tethered and un-tethered trailers while parked or on the highway.

The sensors continuously monitor for low tire pressure of moving or stationary, powered or un-powered commercial dedicated, or drop-and-hook trailers. They will warn the truck driver of an under-inflated tire, or of a developing tire problem that could result in costly downtime, or of a low tire that may just need pressure maintenance.

The systems are wireless and portable; they plug into the receiver-display into the truck's cigarette lighter upon trailer hookup. They are available in six- and eight-tire versions.

The trailer sensor set consists of a dedicated receiver-display module and a set of tire pressure sensors (electronic valve-caps), that replace the existing valve-caps. The receiver-display module may be stored in an on-board lock-box on the trailer until just before hook-up.

The display will automatically check the trailer tires for low tire pressure, and then monitor the tires while on the road. At the drop-off, the driver can return the display to the trailer lock-box.

Sensors can identify a low tire on a trailer that has been stationary for several weeks. Tire sensors are powered by standard watch batteries that can last four to five years and are field replaceable. An on-board alert warns when battery replacement is recommended. All tire sensors are adjustable for a wide range of operating tire pressures.

More info: www.tiresentry.com