Qualcomm announced its In-Cab Scanning service as an addition to the OmniVision Transportation suite of services.

This service enables drivers to scan and transmit important documents such as trip and mileage reports, bills of lading, timesheets, receipts and other critical information from the cab of the truck, improving driver productivity by eliminating the need to search for truckstops with scanners.

Data is received in minutes, which can speed up billing and other business processes for faster payment and improved operational performance. The process of making extra stops to copy, scan, fax or mail documents is eliminated.

The in-cab service is supported by a scanner located inside the cab of the truck, which allows a driver to quickly scan documents and move on to his or her next stop. Drivers spend less time processing and keeping track of paperwork. Indexed documents can be automatically populated into key back-end processes, eliminating the need to re-key information and enabling faster dispatching of workloads and assignment of drivers.

More info: www.qualcomm.com