Qualcomm announced the availability of Fuel Manager, a module in its Performance Monitoring service. As part of the OmniVision Transportation suite of services, Fuel Manager helps fleets reduce fuel consumption by tracking and managing vehicle and driver behaviors
that cause unnecessary fuel usage such as speeding, idling and over-revving their engines.

Fuel Manager provides a set of querying and data presentation tools that turn data into actionable information to help companies manage and reduce fuel expenditures. The Performance Monitoring Fuel Manager module is available on the Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform, which delivers OmniVision Transportation services, and on the OmniTracs and OmniExpress platforms.

The Fuel Manager module provides insight into individual driver behaviors that directly affect fuel consumption, positively or negatively. It also quantifies the financial impact of driving behaviors and provides fleets with the flexibility to compare drivers and vehicles. Individual driver performance scorecards can be generated to facilitate performance discussions and fleet-wide comparisons. This feature allows companies to recognize and reward their high performing drivers, and to better manage and coach less efficient drivers to improve their performance.

Fuel Manager's advanced querying and data presentation tools allow companies to quickly identify which performance issues are most critical to their business. By turning data into relevant, actionable information, fleets can make appropriate changes for improved results. Fuel Manager also gives insight into potential safety and maintenance issues.

For more information, visit www.qualcomm.com.