Delphi Corp. launched its first common rail system for high durability medium- and heavy-duty applications.

Combining the flexibility of railbased fuel management with the ultra high pressures that Delphi achieves with its proven Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) technology, the new remote pump and distributed pump common rail systems provide "a highly effective and affordable path through Euro VI, post US10, post Japan PNLTR and beyond," said the company during the introduction at Germany's IAA truck show.

"This is a revolutionary system that will take new and existing engines beyond even the next generation of challenging emissions standards," says Delphi Diesel Heavy Duty general manager David Friday.

The new system is available with a conventional common rail architecture, in which fuel pressure is provided by an engine oil-lubricated remote cam-and-plunger pump developed by Delphi from its proven medium duty common rail technology, and in two distributed pump architectures.

The first of the distributed pump architectures, known as F2 P, is ideal for cam-in-block engines that would traditionally have used an EUP architecture. The same layout and dimensions can be retained, with two or three cam-driven pumps, depending on engine rating, and dedicated injectors using new high-precision outlet metering valve technology.

The second of the distributed pump architectures, known simply as F2, is ideal for cam-in-head engines that would traditionally have used EUI architecture. Again these can retain their existing layout and dimensions, using two or three cam-driven combination pump/injector units.

These highly sophisticated devices use a patented miniaturized valve to close the path to the nozzle when pressure is being directed to the rail. When fuel is required at the nozzle, the pumping element is isolated and fuel is directed from the rail to the outlet metering valve.

To help release the performance of its new system, Delphi is also launching a new Electronic Truck Controller and a new control software package. As well as providing powerful combustion control, the system is designed to integrate related vehicle functions such as cruise control.

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