Truck-Lite released a new gas discharge emergency warning strobe lamp unit that uses a cylindrical flash tube and internal optics, leaving an aerodynamic surface that's easier to clean and maintain.

External parts are designed for durability and easy maintenance. Bases are powder coated for long life and corrosion resistance. All circuitry is encapsulated for durability. Threaded domes screw on and off for rapid flash tube replacement. The new cylindrical design works with Truck-Lite's advanced optics to concentrate light within the critical zone (5 degrees above and below horizontal) for greatest effect.

Truck-Lite emergency strobe lamps, both LED and gas discharge, feature a branch guard option, as the guard is common to all new Truck-Lite emergency strobe lamps. All Truck-Lite strobe lamps can mount flat, threaded on a pipe or with a magnetic base.

The lamp is designed to operate from 10V to 30V, making it suitable for operation with both 12-volt and 24-volt vehicles. It is photometrically compliant at 12.8 volts, meeting SAEJ1318 requirements. All models have a 1-year warranty on the light.

Initially, the Truck-Lite gas discharge strobe will be available in amber. Interchangeable, screw-on domes in red, blue and clear will soon be released. The strobe meets or exceeds all requirements of SAE J1318 for Class 1 dual and quad function warning lamps and operates in a wide range of cold and warm temperatures.

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