Qualcomm and Navistar announced an alliance to deliver Qualcomm's Mobile Computing Platform installed on International brand trucks beginning in the fall.

Under the agreement, Navistar dealers will resell Qualcomm's MCP throughout the United States. The collaboration will enable Navistar customers to purchase International brand trucks with the MCP installed by the dealer, making it easier to access Qualcomm's OmniVision Transportation services.

While Qualcomm currently has other OEM relationship for pre-wire installation, this agreement is the first of its kind for the company, as it includes many other service and product offerings.

OmniVision Transportation services enhance safety, efficiency and productivity for drivers. Delivered via Qualcomm's in-cab hardware, software, and network infrastructure, OmniVision Transportation services enable the delivery of two-way data communications and value-added services to enterprises

OmniVision Transportation services incorporate industry-specific capabilities and features that integrate with back-office systems. The MCP features an integrated, color touchscreen and remote control device with advanced in-cab, text-to-speech capability that allows drivers to listen and replay messages, eliminating the need to pull over and stop the vehicle to read a text message.

More info: www.navistar.com