Dometic Corp.'s Environmental Division, Richmond, Va., announced an agreement with Fontaine Truck Equipment Company to install and sell Dometic's line of battery-powered truck air conditioning systems.

Under the agreement, Fontaine will install the Dometic battery-powered comfort systems on new trucks under a ship-through program to truck dealers. Installations will be made at Fontaine's locations across the country.

"The demand for idle-reduction products is growing fast, driven by skyrocketing diesel prices and a tougher clean-air regulatory environment," said Lou Siegel, senior vice presiden, marketing and strategic business development for Dometic. "Fleet owners and owner-operators are increasingly looking to order new trucks with idle-reduction systems installed."

"Dometic's battery-powered air conditioning systems provide an ideal solution for truckers looking to eliminate idling during rest periods. They are fully compliant with CARB clean-air requirements and authorized for use in California," said Siegel.

Dometic's battery-powered systems are designed to provide a complete turnkey integrated solution, including a bank of Group 31 absorbed glass mat batteries, a 2,000-watt inverter, a high-performance alternator with external regulator and 7,000- or 10,000-BTU air conditioning components with digital thermostat control. Special systems have been designed for day cabs. Options include shorepower hookups and a combination inverter/charger.

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