TransCore introduced CabLink 100 percent satellite mobile terminals with next generation technology for small to mid-sized carriers and private fleets that need economical options for in-cab communications and sensor-enabled tracking and monitoring of mobile assets.

CabLink showcases a new design from the previous text & track product, integrates multiple components into one smaller unit, expands onboard processing capabilities, and increases engine monitoring functionality.

With fuel costs soaring, pressure to maximize asset utilization through technology has reached a critical point. Speeding costs about 1/10 of one gallon of fuel for every mile per hour over 60, while 6 to 10 percent of every trip can be attributed to out-of-route miles. Likewise, an average of $9,102 per truck per year is spent on idling (based on 264 days on the road). All these scenarios burn unnecessary and costly fuel. By deploying telematics devices, fleets can monitor performance remotely, setting prescribed usage parameters so alarms are triggered if a vehicle deviates.

CabLink provides a higher level of automated features and integration, simplifying usage and installation. CabLink features and benefits include:

• Location tracking
• Engine diagnostics
• Enhanced in-cab driver/dispatcher communications
• Reduction of out-of-route miles
• Advanced geofencing with automated arrival and departure notification
• Custom configurations with stop and start notification save on airtime
• Easy installation
• Software integration with major dispatch software programs

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